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  • Chandran

    Education Committee
    Latha Chandran, MD, MPH, MBBS (2016)
    SUNY at Stony Brook School of Medicine
    SUNY at Stony Brook
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-8111
    Phone: (631) 444-1030

Education Committee/Chair Responsibilities

Core Programs and Activities

Activities During Term

  • Create executive committee/task forces to implement agenda and appoint key leaders for activities as needed.
  • Engage committee members in the review of abstracts for PAS workshops and presentations.
  • Review responsibilities of position with incoming chair.


The Education Committee Chair is responsible for coordinating the following awards provided by the APA:

Organization/Communication Responsibilities

  • Communicate with membership regarding opportunities and activities via emails, surveys, tweets, APA wiki etc.
  • Provide updates to general membership via APA newsletter write ups
  • Review and provide updated website materials to the APA web manager to ensure accuracy of content

Responsibilities as an APA Board Member

  • Review, update and participate in the implementation of the APA Strategic Plan
  • Submit annual report to the board
  • Participate in bimonthly phone calls (third Tuesday 12-1:30pm ET)
  • Attend fall and spring board meetings
  • Attend appropriate regional meetings

PAS Meeting Responsibilities

  • Chair Education Committee Meeting at PAS meeting
    • Develop annual/triennial agenda
  • Attend APA board meeting, past officers breakfast, membership meeting, board/awardee dinner meeting

October 2015 Newsletter Article

PEEAC meeting
The fourth Pediatric Educational Excellence Across the Continuum (PEEAC) Meeting collaboratively sponsored by the APA, APPD, COMSEP and CoPS was held in Atlanta on September 18-19, 2015 at the Westin Peach Tree Plaza in Atlanta. The theme of this meeting was "Optimizing the Learning Environment: Leadership, Training and Patient Care". The PEEAC meeting aimed at current and future leaders in medical education offered plenary talks, networking opportunities, leadership panels, workshops, and poster presentations that focused on numerous topics related to the ideal learning environment. The meeting was overall well attended and allowed for conversations across the different organizations. Thanks to Melissa Klein and Donna D'Alessandro for all their efforts in the PEEAC operating committee.

Educational Scholars Program: Reaching a Ten Year Milestone in 2016!!
Attention APA Members! Planning is underway for an exciting ESP 10 Year Celebration to be held during the PAS 2016 meeting in Baltimore! It is hard to believe 10 years have passed since the ESP was founded. The celebration will allow us to reflect on the past and take pride in the many accomplishments of the program, as well as think about the future of the ESP.

At the event we will celebrate former and current scholars, faculty, local and national mentors, program leaders and institutional partners. Current APA President and former ESP co-director Maryellen Gusic will kick off the celebration with a keynote address. True to our ESP mission, there will be plenty of time for networking.

Planning Committee Co-Chairs Melissa Klein and Barry Solomon have engaged a terrific group of ESP graduates and faculty to make the event special for everyone. The committee represents our past ESP cohorts: Andrew Mutnick (Cohort 1), Len Levine (Cohort 3), Leora Mogilner (Cohort 4), Meghan Treitz (Cohort 5), Liz Hanson (Cohort 6) and ESP program leader, Lindsey Lane. Please contact Melissa ( and Barry ( if you have any questions or creative ideas to make this event extra special. The date and time of the celebration will be announced soon. Looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

Selection of ESP Cohort 8 Scholars
The Educational Scholars Program (ESP) is in the process of selecting a new cohort of 24 scholars this fall. Applicants will be informed of the results on December 1.

Cohort 8 will begin in May 2016. Over their 3 years in the program, they will add three full-day teaching sessions at PAS, complete 2 educational modules per year, develop an educator portfolio, and plan and conduct a mentored, scholarly project in education. They will receive a Certificate of Excellence in Educational Scholarship after they provide evidence of a successfully peer reviewed publication or presentation related to their project.

If you missed this year, note that Cohort 9 will be recruited and selected in Summer-Fall 2017. For more information on the ESP curriculum and other program activities, go to

New faculty advisors for Cohort 8
We will be recruiting a number of new faculty advisors for our Cohort 8 scholars. Former scholars, members of the APA Education Committee or Faculty Development SIG and other persons committed to faculty development in educational scholarship are invited to apply. Advisors serve for three years, coaching two Scholars on career development and scholarship. They are expected to attend the annual ESP Day on the Friday before PAS to participate in project mentoring for scholars and faculty development sessions for advisors. If you are interested, please contact Cohort 8 leader Hans Kersten at

Two major categories of teaching awards are given by the APA during the PAS annual meeting. The first category is APA Award for Excellence in Teaching Programs. Excellence will be judged on the quality and impact of the program on trainees, the institution and the local community. The second category is APA teaching faculty awards for junior and midlevel faculty. These national awards have been created to recognize excellence in teaching. The awards will be presented at the annual PAS meeting in 2016.

For the faculty teaching awards, excellence will be judged by assessing not only quantity of teaching activities but also quality of teaching and engagement in a broader education community. The nomination committee will use criteria drawn from the AAMC's Toolkit for Evaluating Educators to guide their assessment of candidates. Call for Applications with additional details about the submission packet has gone out. As we begin the 2015-2016 academic year, please encourage worthy educational programs and worthy colleagues who are excellent educators to apply for these 2016 awards, and join the Education Committee in supporting APA's rich tradition of acknowledging and rewarding excellence in teaching. Please note that the deadline for submission of applications is Nov 3.

We will soon be sending out a request for applications to serve on the awards selection committee. Please stay tuned!

Educational Guidelines Resources Update
The Educational Guidelines Update team is happy to offer our membership an updated website with many helpful resources. This website, acts as a repository for educational resources in conjunction with many of the topics and rotations offered by the APA Educational Guidelines for Pediatrics Residency. In addition to updating the resources whenever possible the resources are linked to the Pediatric Milestones that are to be reported on Semi-annually. The Milestone links are in red font with initials and numbers indicating the Milestone (e.g. PC1=Patient Care Milestone 1.Gather essential and accurate information about the patient)

This is a "work-in-progress," intended to grow as our colleagues direct us to additional resources. The lists are not intended to be comprehensive. It is our intention to identify accessible and useful resources for educators and learners, who can subsequently pursue more comprehensive resources dictated by their own needs. Many of our users will have expertise in individual disciplines and may wish to suggest additional resources they have identified or others as they become available.

The Educational Guidelines Resource update has truly been a group effort. Over 100 APA members have contributed updated or helped build new resource lists in 76 topics areas. There are six APA members who served as Resource Section Editors for each of the three sections of resources: Standard Rotations (Erica Chung, Karen Smith), Subspecialty Rotations (Jennifer DiPace, Brian Lurie) and Supplemental Learning Experiences (Daniel Neuspiel and Caroline Paul). Mona Hanna-Attisha has uploaded the Resources to the website and serves as technical consultant for this effort. Joseph Gigante served as the Lead Resource Editor

If you have additional resources you would like to see included or have annotations or comments about those listed please send them to Joseph Gigante at Many thanks to all who contributed to this effort!

Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Accreditation Committee
The Academic General Pediatric Fellowship Accreditation Committee has been working with the National Residency Match Program to facilitate a formal, uniform process for all fellows and program directors of accredited Academic General Pediatric fellowship training programs to identify and be accepted into post-graduate training positions. The benefits of a match include; allowing applicants and programs to consider all options before making decisions, creating an impartial venue for matching programs' and applicants' preferences, and establishing a uniform date for appointments to GME programs. The goal is to join the fall 2016 Pediatric Subspecialty Match program.

This past year, the committee developed and piloted a re-accreditation process which has been successfully implemented this year. Over the past six months we have added 4 new members to our committee who have expertise in both fellowship training and medical education. The new members are Neha Shah, Children's National Medical Center, Melissa Klein, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Joyee Vachani, Baylor College of Medicine, and Robert Hilliard, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto. We will be developing standardized program evaluation tools, such as annual fellow and faculty surveys that can be used as benchmarks and outcome measures. This year we have implemented the Pediatric Milestones as a pilot evaluation project in one of the accredited fellowship programs and eagerly await the results of this endeavor. The committee has also added a current fellowship trainee to serve as a liaison from the APA Fellows' Special Interest Group. This individual will serve on the committee to strengthen ties and engagement between our two groups. Lastly, accreditation is underway for our 16th fellowship program and several programs will be re-accredited this year using the new template that was developed and piloted for this purpose.

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