Health Care Delivery Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Care Delivery Committee is to improve the health and well-being of all children, adolescents and young adults by promoting APA member professional development in research, education and quality improvement to create innovative, effective and cost conscious healthcare delivery systems.

The Values of the Health Care Delivery Committee

Family-Centered - Effective health care delivery systems must be designed around the needs of children and their families.
Multidisciplinary approach - Innovation and change management is a team effort that requires the work and support of everyone in the care delivery system, including those not directly involved in innovation or quality improvement work.
Community-based - - Health care delivery exists within a local context and requires that care delivery systems are designed with this in mind.
Equity - Effective healthcare delivery systems must confront disparities in health outcomes.
Advocacy - Some changes in healthcare delivery systems will require changes to public policy and social consciousness.

Vision Statement

The Health Care Delivery Committee is committed to a future in which the health care delivery system in the United States provides quality care that is accessible, coordinated, culturally effective, comprehensive, family-centered, compassionate and affordable for all children, adolescents and young adults.

Goals of the HCD Committee

The following goals for the committee were developed and prioritized by the Task Force

  • Conduct a needs assessment of APA members to determine how the HCD Committee can best serve their professional needs.
  • Form a Task Force to plan and develop the Quality Scholars Program (QSP) for the APA.
  • Define the points of intersection between the HCD Committee and regions, SIGs, other committees and Task Forces to improve communication, collaboration and optimal use of resources.
  • Develop strategies to educate the APA membership on the emerging disciplines that relate to improving systems of health care delivery, including quality improvement science, implementation science and others.
  • Build collaborative partnerships with other professional organizations around common ground goals in health care delivery.
  • Develop strategies for determining quality measures that are specific to the unique health care aspects of pediatric health care delivery.

  • June 2014 Newsletter Article

    It is an exciting time for the APA's Health Care Delivery Committee (HCD). First, it is my pleasure to take over as Chair from Jane Knapp, who has led this group over the past 3 years. Among other achievements, she led a strategic planning process over the past year that will guide our future activities to promote the academic work of our members related to improving health systems for children. This process led to a renewed focus of this Committee on quality improvement and innovation in care delivery systems for children.

    The HCD sponsored a number of successful events at the 2014 PAS meeting in Vancouver. A one-day pre-meeting, the 4th annual Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Children's Health Care, drew 130 attendees to a packed program of plenary talks, 16 interactive breakout sessions, and a poster session. Topics included basic and advanced methodological techniques for academic quality improvement work in pediatrics. The one-day course was extremely well received, with 97% of attendees reporting that they would recommend attendance to others.

    The HCD also sponsored a well-attended topic symposium on "Innovative Models in Pediatric Health Care Delivery." Areas addressed included financial issues in sustaining child health delivery systems, issues in developing successful risk-sharing arrangements, innovations in ambulatory care delivery, and specific attention to transition between hospital and home for preterm neonates. Finally, 26 members attended the HCD Committee meeting, which included national perspectives on the topic of creating high-value, accountable care systems for children, particularly those living in poverty.

    The HCD Committee will have two major new activities in the coming year. First, the APA has recently become a member of the National Quality Forum. This allows the APA to provide input on quality measures nominated for endorsement by the NQF and the opportunity to nominate individuals to serve on task forces or committees. Second, the HCD will begin a process to evaluate the development of an APA Quality Scholars Program to support members seeking to build academic careers in quality improvement research and related activities. APA members interested in joining this committee should contact Christen Brown,

    Jon Finkelstein
    Health Care Delivery Committee Chair

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    Past Award Winners

    Past Meetings

    Join us in Boston at PAS on Saturday April 28th, 2012
    topic symposium Health Care Delivery: Transforming Our System from Fragmentation to Integration

    Speakers:Thomas Klitzner from Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA, Doug Thompson from Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, Charles Macias from Texas Children's Hospital, Houston and Richard Antonelli from Boston Children's Hospital.

    The session will address models for successful health care delivery and using integration to deliver accountable care.

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