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Academic Pediatrics, the official journal of the Academic Pediatric Association, is a peer-reviewed publication whose purpose is to strengthen the research and educational base of academic general pediatrics. The content areas of the journal reflect the interests of Association members and other health professionals who care for children. These areas include such diverse topics as pediatric education, emergency medicine, injury, abuse, behavioral pediatrics, holistic medicine, child health services and health policy, and the environment. The journal's particular emphases include an active forum for the presentation of pediatric educational research in diverse settings, involving medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing professionals. The journal also emphasizes important research relating to the quality of child health care, health care policy, and the organization of child health services. Academic Pediatrics provides a forum for careful systematic reviews of primary care interventions and for the presentation of important methodologic papers to aid research in child health and education. As the official journal of the Academic Pediatric Association, Academic Pediatrics publishes policy statements, communications from the Board of Directors, and notices of important Committee and Special Interest Group projects.

Members of the APA receive Academic Pediatrics as a membership benefit, including full access to its electronic edition. Only members and subscribers will have access to the journal on-line.

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Peter Szilagyi, MD, MPH
Academic Pediatrics

April 2016 Newsletter Article

New Website Design
Things are changing at! The website has received a sleek design makeover to allow easier navigation through the content of the APA's flagship journal. On the main page the first thing visitors will notice is the revolving carousel, which pulls images from some of the articles in each journal issue to add visual impact. A new featured Perspective article, which is a solicited review of key topics in pediatrics, will be highlighted each month. Also featured on a rotating basis will be the in-depth Supplements, such as the one on Child Poverty. We're also pleased to showcase an expanding collection of videos on the website. The latest video presents Dr. Melissa Klein and Dr. Andrew Beck from Cincinnati Children's discussing their article on the importance of social risk assessment. Finally, the main page includes a direct link to the APA's twitter feed. Join the conversation about thought-provoking articles or comment on the new website changes by tweeting @AcademicPeds and using the hashtag #acadpedjnl.
Questions? If you're publishing an article in the journal and want to include video or online-content, contact the journal Web Editor, Dr. Margaret Trost, at

Supplement on Child Poverty
We're very excited about the upcoming Supplement on Child Poverty, with guest editors Benard Dreyer, Paul Chung and Shale Wong. Please read this supplement cover to cover because it contains an invaluable collection of articles by some of the best leaders in the field. An Executive summary, written by the guest editors and Peter Szilagyi summarizes the papers. The next section includes insightful commentaries by some of the top leaders in the field. Then you will see 4 sections that cover some of the critical aspects of child poverty: Child Poverty- Destruction of the Nation's Human Capital, Who is Poor, International Child Poverty Interventions, and Child Poverty Interventions in the US. There will also be an accompanying Policy Brief. We feel this Supplement will become an important reference and rallying cry for individuals or groups interested in addressing this critical child health issue. Of note, this supplement is being published shortly after the AAP released its Policy Statement on Poverty and Child Health in the United States--another must-read.

New Sections
Two new sections in the journal offer authors new venues to connect with our readers. The first--Ideas and Innovations--allow authors to break away from traditional formats and propose innovative ideas meant to influence pediatric healthcare delivery, education, research, or public policy. The second--Progress Reports--calls on past authors to revisit their publications in Academic Pediatrics and provide an update on their field as it moves forward in terms of what has been published since and where it now needs to go.

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