Guidelines for Regions


  1. The term of office of a Region Chair shall be limited to two consecutive three-year terms.
  2. Selection of a new Region Chair shall be designated a Region process (when possible), the election preferably conducted through the national ballot or at the Region Meeting. Co-Chairs may be elected if a region so desires, their terms of office to be three years. The term of office is to begin at the time of the annual meeting of the Association.
  3. If the office of Region Chair is vacated prior to, or at the expiration of the three-year term, and the selection process of (B) is not feasible, a replacement should be selected by the Chair for Regions, in consultation with the President and Region members.
  4. A grant, not to exceed $600.00, plus $10.00 per member to aid in mailing costs, shall be made available annually to each region, as long as the treasury permits. Cost of the Region Breakfast at the annual meeting of the Association is deducted from this amount. Unused money shall not be carried over from one year to another.
  5. The grant is to be requested by the Region Chair; need and utilization are to be determined by him/her in consultation with region program coordinator.
  6. Grant money may be used to fund expenses for all reasonable activities, including scientific meetings, social action programs, and social functions as portions of regional meetings.
  7. The Board of Directors should be notified of collaborative research endeavors within the regions and expenditures of funds for such purposes; these expenditures must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  8. Mechanism of regional accounting shall be the responsibility of the Region Chair. Assistance from the treasurer shall be available.
  9. Regions may not solicit pharmaceutical firm funds for programs.
  10. The Region Chair or his/her designee shall attend each of the APA Standing Committees when possible and may be asked to participate in other Association activities as needed (i.e., review abstracts for the annual meeting).
  11. Region Chairs shall submit articles to the Newsletter about Region activity and contribute materials to the APA region website.
  12. Region Chairs are encouraged to attend the Spring Board Meetings.
  13. Correspondence within the region concerning region activities shall be done by the Region Chairs. Mailing lists are available from the National Office upon request.
  14. Region Chairs, in keeping with APA policy, may not use their title as APA Region Chair to support grant proposals in which the APA is not a participating institution.
  15. To make a deposit to or withdraw funds from your regional account, contact the APA office.
  16. Guidelines for approval of APA Funding for Regional Research Projects:
    Region Chairs may award up to $1500.00 from their APA budgets for research projects if the following guidelines are followed:
    • Solicitation for proposals must be open and communicated to all APA members in that region.
    • Proposals should be consistent with the mission statement and goals of the APA.
    • Region chairs should appoint a subcommittee of three to five members to review the submissions. The members of this subcommittee should submit a brief report on their review and final selection. This report should be sent to the APA Executive Director and the Chair of the Research Committee for final approval.
    • Priority should be given to junior faculty or fellows. Funds should be used for educational or research projects which are not already financially supported.
    • Budget requests that are not appropriate include salary for full time faculty, equipment for long term use, i.e., computers, overhead expenses and travel. All funds should be directly related to the research.
    • Grantees should be required to submit a brief report in September of how the funding was used, along with the results of their projects. If the work is published or presented, the support from the APA should be acknowledged.
  17. Regions Chairs are encouraged to hold annual Regional Meetings. Please contact the APA office with any questions on organizing a meeting. Materials are available through the office.
  18. Region chairs are not authorized to sign contracts of any kind on behalf of APA. Contracts are to be negotiated by the APA office and signed by the Executive Director.



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