July 2015 Newsletter Article

This is an especially busy time of year for all of us, but also an exciting time as we say farewell to our senior residents and introduce new interns to their continuity experience. As CORNET moves forward, we are hoping to enhance involvement of residents in CORNET research projects.

Project Updates

Upcoming: Preventive Services Improvement Project - State Spread (PRESIPS 2)
A new quality improvement initiative to improve the preventive health outcomes of young children based on Bright Futures is underway. Continuity clinics (5) will be recruited by CORNET once AAP Chapter states are selected through an application process. Please share information about this initiative with your AAP Chapter leadership and encourage them to get involved! Measurement-based preventive services, implemented by faculty and residents in continuity clinics, are the key to the "future" of Bright Futures. If your state is selected, as a CORNET member, your site will be eligible for this collaborative project. Please see the Announcements Section of the APA newsletter for more information.

In Progress: National Immunization Partnership with the APA (NIPA)
This large-scale quality improvement project will coach programs through practice changes intended to increase adolescent HPV vaccination rates and prioritize HPV vaccination at every visit. Interest in this project was high and we are impressed with the number of sites who responded to recruitment! Luckily, we expect to implement two consecutive QI cycles, so there are opportunities for sites to participate in either Year 1 or Year 2 of the project.

Faculty who meet minimum participation requirements will receive MOC 4 credit, and we are excited that we will now be able to offer banked MOC credit for residents as well.

Thanks to all of you who responded to our recruitment, which included interest from 26 institutions. We are in the process of notifying sites for participation in Year 1 and plan to initiate orientation calls and IRB submissions in July.

Approaching Completion: National Partnership for Adolescent Immunization (NPAI)
All data collection activities from this project are expected to be complete by July, and we can begin the data analysis phase. This includes an assessment of resident involvement in NPAI to help us enhance the relevance of future CORNET projects to residents. We know the participants will be anxious to see the results of their efforts in this year-long QI project centered on HPV immunization.

Faculty who met the minimum participation requirements should make sure to send in their MOC attestation forms to Nui Dhepyasuwan ASAP:

Thanks to participating sites and faculty:

  • University of Utah - Joni Hemond
  • University of South Florida - Tracy Burton, Sharon Dabrow
  • New York Medical College - Terry Hetzler, Vicki Iannoti
  • Baylor College of Medicine - Jan Drutz, Teresa Duryea
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - Kim Gifford, Sam Martin
  • Medical University of South Carolina - Kristina Gustafson, James Roberts
  • University of Oklahoma - Monique Naifeh, Mark Pogemiller
  • University of Southern California - Rukmani Vasan, Jennifer Saenz
  • University of Louisville - Melissa Hancock, Jeff Meyer
  • Helen DeVos Children's Hospital - William Stratbucker
  • Dayton Children's Medical Center - Maria Nanagas, Melissa King, Ilona Albrecht
  • University of Toledo - Mary Beth Wroblewski, Joyce Bevington
  • Duke University Medical Center - Melissa Deimling, Richard Chung

Region Chair Recruitment
We have had many transitions this year and are seeking APA CORNET members from Region II, Region V, Region VII, Region IX and Region X to serve as a member of the CORNET Executive Committee. As a member of this Committee, you will benefit by learning from others, making new friends and contacts, and having opportunities for collaborative research. PLEASE RESPOND BY AUGUST 15.

The CORNET Executive Committee will consider the materials from all interested applicants for this position.

The role of a CORNET Regional Research Chair is to:

Work with the Executive Committee to

  • Review submitted research proposals
  • Provide research proposal feedback to the submitters
  • Determine proposal acceptance
  • Attend the annual 1½ day national CORNET planning meeting following the PAS meeting. We have been able to provide 1 night's hotel accommodation for this purpose, however transportation must be available through the member's own institution.

Serve as the liaison between the CORNET institutions in your region and the Executive Committee

  • Maintain contact through periodic communication with regional residency training programs through communication with Continuity Directors
  • Represent CORNET and present updates at Regional APA meetings
  • Recruit additional institutions/practices within your region
  • Encourage institutions/practices in your region to participate in new CORNET studies
  • Solicit and help generate research study ideas from regional practices
  • Communicate with regional practices about upcoming CORNET research studies and recruit interested practice sites
  • Assist practices, if needed, in the implementation of CORNET research studies
  • Help maintain regional lists of pediatric residency programs and notify CORNET office of any changes
  • Advise on possible funding opportunities

To apply, please submit your name, CV and a brief summary describing your interest in serving on the CORNET Executive Committee as a Regional Research Chair. Please submit this information to the CORNET Research Coordinator, Nui Dhepyasuwan at by August 15th.

Do you know your Regional Research Chair?
Here is the current list of CORNET chairs by APA region. Please reach out to your local contact for any questions or research idea. They would be happy to provide you with guidance and suggestions.

Region I: Ron Samuels,
Region III: Lynn Garfunkel,
Region IV: Michael Steiner,
Region VI: Sue Heaney,
Region V: William Stratbucker,
Region VIII: Sharon Dabrow,
Region X: VACANT

And lastly...
We have several projects in various stages of the "pipeline" (from developing ideas to looking-for-funding) so stay alert for new projects coming up later this year!

Submitted by
CORNET Steering Committee

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