October 2016 Newsletter Article

Dear CORNET Members,

We wanted to share with you what is new within CORNET. 

Project Updates

In Progress: National Immunization Partnership with the APA (NIPA)
This large-scale, quality improvement project coaches clinical sites through practice changes in order to increase adolescent HPV vaccination rates and limit missed opportunities for HPV vaccination at every clinic visit. 

Faculty who meet minimum participation requirements will receive MOC 4 credit.  Moreover we are excited that we will be able to offer banked MOC credit for residents as well.

We are in the data analysis stage for Wave 1.  We will complete the implementation phase in November with our sites participating in Wave 2.  We have begun recruitment for a third wave that is expected to start in January 2017.  If your site is interested in joining, please contact Holly Tyrrell at for details.

In Progress: Preventive Services Improvement Project – State Spread (PreSIPS2)
A quality improvement initiative based on Bright Futures to improve the preventive health outcomes of young children is underway.  Four Continuity Clinics from CORNET are participating in this collaborative project with AAP State Chapters.  Measurement-based preventive services, implemented by faculty and residents in continuity clinics, are the key to the "future" of Bright Futures as well as incorporation into community practices as our residents transition into their professional careers.

CORNET Partnerships

Family Voices
Family Voices is a national, non-profit organization of parents of children with special healthcare needs.  Its mission is "to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special healthcare needs and/or disabilities."  Through the network, FV provides families with resources and support to make informed decisions, advocate for improved public and private policies, build partnerships among families and professionals, and serve as a trusted resource on health care.  FV strength is parent-to-parent support.

CORNET has developed a relationship with FV over the past year.  Since May 2016, CORNET's Executive Committee has included a FV representative from each of the APA's 10 regions across the country.  Ann Phillips, the FV Delaware regional representative presented her organization's interest in resident education, participation in research, and further collaboration with individual families at the CORNET national meeting during the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting (PAS) in May 2016.  She emphasized the importance of a mutually beneficial, two-way partnership between stakeholders.

We are currently developing a workshop for pediatricians in which FV representatives are partners, in addition to a recent PCORI Pipeline to Proposal Engagement Award submission.  Our Family Voices collaborators will educate the CORNET practitioners and educators about the important healthcare issues facing families.  Residents should gain comfort from the concept of community engagement.  As this project unfolds, we will be strengthening ties between CORNET and Family Voices at both the regional and national levels.

CORNET Transitions

Region Research Chair Recruitment
We are seeking APA CORNET members from Region I, Region III, and Region X to serve as members of the CORNET Executive Committee in the role as the Regional Research Chairs.  As a member of this Committee, you will benefit by acquiring new skills from other members, enhancing networking while making new friends and professional contacts, and developing opportunities for collaborative research.  Moreover, this is a great way to add "national contributions" to your CV.

The CORNET Executive Committee will review and consider the materials submitted from all interested applicants for this position.

The Role of a CORNET Regional Research Chair is to:

  • Facilitate communication among the Region's CORNET member sites and direct information to and from the Executive Committee.
    • Set up a regional email listserv and/or make periodic phone calls to regional training programs.
    • Provide communication at least quarterly with regional sites.
    • Represent and present updates about CORNET at Regional APA meetings.  Materials can be obtained from the Network Director or Coordinator.
  • Solicit additional institutions/practices within their region to participate in CORNET.
  • Solicit and help generate research study ideas from regional practices.
  • Communication with regional practices about upcoming research studies and recruit interested practice sites.
  • Assist participating practices whenever possible in the implementation of research studies through mentoring.
  • Help maintain regional lists of programs.
  • Advise on possible funding opportunities.
  • Attend the annual 1½ day national CORNET planning meeting following the PAS meeting.  To date, we have been able to provide one night's hotel accommodation for this purpose; however, transportation must be available through the member's own institution.

To apply, please submit your name, CV, and a brief summary describing your interest in serving on the CORNET Executive Committee as a Regional Research Chair to

Do you know your Regional Research Chair?
Here is the current list of CORNET chairs by APA region.  Please reach out to your local contact for any questions or research ideas.  They would be happy to provide you with guidance and suggestions.

Region I: To be filled
Region II: Allison Gorman,
Region III: To be filled
Region IV: Mike Steiner,
Region V: Heather Burrows,
Region VI: Sue Heaney,
Region VII: Teresa Duryea,
Region VIII: Sharon Dabrow,
Region IX: Wendy Hobson-Rohrer,
Region X: To be filled

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