We invite you to join CORNET. First, it's free and without obligation, but the benefits to an academic pediatrician's career are endless. Membership will allow you, your continuity faculty and your continuity residents' opportunities to collaborate and network with colleagues nationally, receive mentorship in research and quality improvement, develop important scholarship agendas and work with others to improve patient care and resident education. You only need to review our network goals to realize the importance of what we aim to accomplish and we would love to do this with your help.

If you haven't already done so, we invite you to join CORNET. You must be an APA member to be involved. Each institution's continuity site needs at least one site champion who is an APA member to enroll in CORNET. Becoming a member is the first step but participating in a study allows you to get involved with research at a national level, gain expertise and have fun.

Currently 104 pediatric training programs are enrolled in CORNET which includes 52% of all training programs nationally, 125 clinical practice sites and more than 4,500 categorical pediatric residents who provide care at these practice sites to over 750,000 pediatric patients. CORNET practices continue to provide care to a high proportion of ethnic and racial minorities and patients with Medicaid when compared to practices that participated in the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.

Incentives for CORNET Participants

  • Networking with colleagues
  • Gain experience in participating in research and quality improvement (QI)
  • Involvement in research and QI that is practical, relevant and important to participating sites
  • Participation in a process that is often larger than the sum of its parts
  • Gain national and regional recognition for projects
  • Experiences that can help lead to academic promotion
  • Participate in projects that may enhance communication between residents, nursing, administrators, and practitioners at the practice site
  • Enhanced resident(s) satisfaction as a part of the national research network connecting resident training sites with outcomes that enhance the resident education experience
  • Parents may have enhanced satisfaction in receiving care from a practice actively involved in relevant research and quality improvement
  • Participate with an active group of colleagues who make the work of scholarship enjoyable and fun

Map of CORNET Member Sites within 40 US States*
*includes Washington DC



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