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April 2017 Newsletter Article

For those of you who are coming to San Francisco, don't forget to wear flowers in your hair (Scott McKenzie), or at least come to the great offerings sponsored by the Continuity Special Interest Group.  You will absolutely love the main course, our annual Continuity SIG meeting, and for a delightful dessert, our workshop, Continuity Boot Camp: Basic Training for Continuity Clinic Faculty.

Our Continuity SIG meeting will take place on Saturday, May 6, from 8:30-11:30, the first day of PAS.  After a few key updates on the RRC, news about CORNET and a status report on our best practices Delphi project, we will explore some relevant topics about teaching and learning in the continuity setting.  Continuity is more than well child care, learning takes place in more places than the conference room, and education is framed by more than the curriculum.  We will discuss these topics, with participants sharing some of their best innovations.  After small group reports, we will finish with our always popular Quick Conti Consults.

The workshop, Continuity Boot Camp: Basic Training for Continuity Clinic Faculty will take place on Sunday, May 7, from 12-3. This workshop is designed to meet the needs of both new continuity faculty and those of more experienced continuity faculty, as well as leaners, who want to enhance their skills.  We surveyed members of our SIG to identify core topics that faculty wanted to know more about to improve their continuity education and chose the four most popular topics to discuss in the workshop.  After reviewing the purpose and RRC requirements for the continuity experience in residency education, participants will have a chance to share their own innovative ideas in presenting their continuity education.  Two small group sessions will allow participants to discuss and explore four topics: curriculum development, faculty development, evaluation of residents, and practice management.  A summative large group session will be held and a toolkit with topic-related and general resources will be provided.  Throw in the opportunity to participate in a scholarly work and you have a great experience!  Lots to learn and we guarantee that you will have lots of fun.

So please plan to join us. You may leave your heart in San Francisco, but you'll return home with a lot of useful information and tools to make your continuity education "golden."

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