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The APA Faculty Development Special Interest Group
(FacDevSIG) exists to provide a professional home for pediatric medical educators interested in faculty development. Our focus is on the members' roles as faculty developers, not merely the members' own personal faculty development.

Creating Individual Faculty Development Plan

APA Educational Scholars Program

The mission of the APA Educational Scholars Program is to assist the membership in developing themselves as productive, advancing and fulfilled faculty members and to increase the quality, status and visibility of pediatric educators in academia. The program operates the Educational Scholars Program

Six-Domains of Faculty Development.

The career development needs of most academic pediatric faculty members fall into six domains. For each domain, we have provided a set of common faculty development goals. We recommend that APA members review and adapt the goal sets to create their own plans for personal career development.

Annual Report

Co-chairs:  Miriam Bar-On, University of Nevada; Natalie Burman, Naval Medical Center San Diego

SIG purpose/mission: To provide a professional home for pediatric medical educators interested in faculty development.

Current SIG goals:

  1. Expand our membership by providing an academic home for faculty developers and recruiting interested trainees and junior faculty interested in faculty development and medical education
  2. Create collaboration opportunities for scholarly work
  3. Expand our repository for key references

Annual summary:
We had an engaging Faculty Development SIG Session at PAS 2016 discussing resilience as it relates to faculty, residents and the educational environment.  Our attendance was 25, an increase from the last two PAS meetings.  Based on feedback from the attendees, we generated some ideas for the direction the SIG will be moving to include featuring hot topics as they relate to faculty development.   This has generated the content for a survey to disseminate to the broader audience to obtain everyone’s input. 

Other groups that work in your area of interest: Other SIGs we have considered collaborating with in the future include Evidence-Based Medicine and Medical Student Education.

April 2017 Newsletter Article

Opportunities for Engagement.  

Faculty Development SIG Co-chair 
The Faculty Development SIG is soliciting members interested in serving as a new Faculty Development SIG co-chair. If you are interested, please send a CV and a brief statement of interest (less than one page) to both emails below no later than Friday, April 28th. In your subject line, type: FAC DEV SIG CO-CHAIR.   An interested member will be selected to serve a 3-year term as co-chair. We will stagger chair terms to allow for a smooth transition. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the position.  We are excited to involve new members and continue to meet the needs of the Faculty Development SIG!

Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Priti Bhansali, MD, MEd
8379 Scarlet Glen Court
Millersville, MD 21108
Phone: (860) 833-3931

Natalie Burman, DO, MA
34800 Bob Wilson Drive
San Diego, CA 92134
Phone: (619) 532-6067

Chris Peltier, MD
4371 Ferguson Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245
Phone: (513) 752-3650



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