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The Patient and Family Centered-Care Special Interest Group is dedicated to help individuals and programs to provide high quality patient and family centered care by , providing a forum to exchange our collective experiences, ideas and lessons learned to further advance the field of Patient and Family Centered Care and fostering efforts in collaboration, education, quality improvement and research.

The vision of the special interest group of patient and family centered care is to facilitate full implementation of the Patient and Family Center Care into our daily practice by promoting an active collaboration of health care providers that innovates, continually improves, and advances the field of patient and family centered care in pediatrics.

Annual Report

Alisa Khan, MD, MPH, Boston Children’s Hospital
Lisa Benz, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Arti Desai, MD, MSPH, Seattle Children’s Hospital

SIG purpose/mission:
To support individuals and programs who want to innovate, continually improve, and advance the field of patient and family centered care through education, QI, and research.

Current SIG goals:

  1. Hold a session at PAS on topic of interest to the SIG to facilitate networking and collaboration for PFCC SIG members and others interested in PFCC
  2. Engage SIG members throughout the year with ongoing and new national and local PFCC initiatives

Annual summary:
We had a great session at the annual PAS conference in conjunction with the Hospital Medicine SIG. Our session, entitled “Engaging Patients and Families in Hospital Care” included an expert panel, Q&A, and small group breakout sessions. The expert panel began with an introduction to family centered care in the inpatient setting led by Dr. Mary Ottolini, followed by parent perspectives on family engagement led by parent advisor Michele Ashland. We subsequently had presentations followed by Q&A and small group breakout sessions on engaging families in: 1) family-centered rounds (presented by Dr. Christopher Landrigan), 2) hospital safety (presented by Dr. Alisa Khan), 3) technology (presented by Dr. Jonathan Hron), and 4) transitions of care (presented by Dr. Joanna Leyenaar). The session was attended by nearly 40 people.

Other groups:

  • Institute for patient and family-centered care
  • Beryl Institute

July 2016 Newsletter Article

We had another great SIG session at PAS this year. Our joint SIG session with the Medical Informatics/Electronic Health Records SIG, "Patient-Centered Care through Health IT," highlighted ways to promote patient and family engagement in care and research using health IT tools, such as patient portals and telehealth. The session included a presentation from Dr. Alex Fiks on the state of patient portals in pediatrics and Dr. Peter Margolis who shared a structure for engaging patients and families through a research collaborative. We also had productive small group breakout sessions that allowed participants share their experiences and ideas implementing and using these technologies. Thank you to all who attended the SIG session!

If you have any feedback or ideas for future PAS PFCC topics or have ideas for collaboration within the PFCC SIG, please feel free to email Michelle Kelly ( or Alisa Khan ( We look forward to seeing you next year at PAS!

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Lisa Benz, MD
3333 Burnet Ave MLC3024
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone: (513) 636-6544

Arti Desai, MD, MSPH
2001 Eighth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) -88-1497

Alisa Khan, MD, MPH
21 Autumn St, Rm 200.2
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) -35-2565



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